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For folks who are looking to have a touch of backcountry luxury, Sundance and Halfway Lodges provide just the right combination. Days are spent riding and exploring on horseback, while evenings are spent in our cozy lodges. Meals are always an event and the cooks ensure you are well fuelled for the day's adventures.

Sundance Lodge

Historical Cabin with
Modern Amenities
Ten Rooms, maximum 34 guests

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2 day Sundance Lodge Trip

3 day Sundance Lodge Trip

Completed in 1991, Sundance Lodge now sits on the original site of the horse corral for Ten-Mile cabin, built by Canadian Pacific Railway back in the 1920's. The cabin itself remains standing and was declared a historical site in 1990. It was used as a refuge for mountain guides and packers traveling to Mount Assiniboine, whose names you can still see carved into the logs. Sundance Lodge sits alongside a gentle curve on Brewster Creek, with the Sundance Mountain range as a backdrop. Built entirely with pine logs, the lodge has 10 sleeping rooms, a large country kitchen, and a cozy living room area where you can curl up by the woodstove and lose yourself in a good book. And although it is a remote backcountry lodge, we decided to add what we felt was an important comfort from home - hot showers!

Halfway Lodge

Backcountry Haven
Four Rooms, maximum 16 guests

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Surrounded by the beauty of towering peaks, Halfway Lodge has been a welcome haven for over 80 years. Rich in tradition, this cabin was used back in the late 1920's by mountain guide Erling Strom as a stopover for his guests traveling from Banff to Mount Assiniboine. Then a single storied cabin, Strom's wranglers spent the night sleeping in tents while the guests found floor space within. Halfway has remained pretty much as originally built, with the exception of a second story added in 1967 when a bear made an appearance through an unexpected entrance - the roof! Thanks to the bear, Halfway now sleeps a maximum of sixteen guests. The lifestyle at this rustic backcountry cabin remains much the same as it was 80 years ago - simple. Propane lanterns and candles provide the lighting, and a woodstove keeps the water and coffee hot and the cabin warm and cozy.

Looking for a 2 or 3 day Sundance Lodge trip outside of the scheduled departures?

If the scheduled 2 and 3 day Sundance Lodge trips do not fit into your vacation plans, we offer these trips any day of the week (depending on availability). Please enquire about unscheduled trips to Sundance Lodge with your ideal dates.

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